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Pushbike seat covers by PedalShed

$19.99 $25.00
Meet Galileo, Vincenzo and Kierkegaard from the "Originals" family.
Brothers all hailing from London, UK.
These dudes will keep your seat protected and dry as well has ultra comfortable with their extra padding. 
The Rolls Royce of seat covers!
 Waterproof both inside and out.
They are made largely from top quality oilcloths or Austrian made Markise textiles.
Each cover has three layers: a water resistant base, an insulating middle layer for added comfort and a robust waterproof top layer made of oil cloth.
For best care clean with foam detergents.
Pedal Shed Ltd makes luxury bicycle saddle covers for the practical and discerning commuter bicyclist.
 Each style has a fun name for an added personal touch.
 With three layers of textiles to ensure comfort, style and protection from a wet, cold, uncomfortable or simply boring saddle, they are sure to enhance your commute!
Born from a desire to find a solution to the plastic bag saddle-look and the nuisance of a wet seat, PedalShed aims to improve your ride!
Designed by Dane and made with Love in London.

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