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Pushbike rear reflectors

We love these quirky little reflectors by Cyclesign and the story they tell of their life on the road side.
Each one is different as they are made from recycled roadsigns. 
They are a useful, unique, upcycled safety addition for your Pushbike or a gift for a pushbike loving friend.
Each reflector has its own beautiful graphic quality as they are made from a small fraction of a roadsign. With their wear and tear, additional markings like graffiti and the out-of-context graphics, each reflector has it's own personality.
The Cyclesign rear reflector is designed to be easily installed around the seat post of a pushbike or pushbike frame with the recycled bike tyre straps. 

In keeping with the reused nature of this product, the strap is cut from old bicycle tubes, making the felt padding the only new material used in the manufacture of these reflectors.

Cyclesign Rear Reflector Material Breakdown - 88.5% reused road sign, 11% reused bicycle tube, 0.5% felt.

Please note that as these reflectors are made from recycled road signs and bicycle tubes, each style and colour is different. There can also be imperfections in the product due to the nature of the recycled materials used. 
Cyclesigns is a small, proudly Australian company that has developed an enviro-conscious unique design of bike reflector.
Cyclesigns are bicycle reflectors made from used road signs. Each Cyclesign reflector tells a story of its life by the road-side.
No two Cyclesign reflectors are the same.

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