Design and Win Your Own Kids Vest! Be Bright Be Seen!

Safety on pushbikes is a concern for most, and it’s one of the main reasons why some of us are reluctant to take up regular cycling. Working as a hand therapist, I see plenty of people who have sustained hand injuries after coming off their pushbikes due to someone not seeing them.

When I lived in the UK, I usually rode in the dark (due to the limited daylight hours) and I was used to having lights on my pushbike and always wearing my reflective safety vest. Back then though, I had to wear a standard workman’s high-vis vest. Practical and visible—yes, but it wasn’t very cool! I dreamt of finding a fun alternative.

So when I returned to Australia, I was excited to hear that a girl from my hometown of Adelaide was creating cool reflective vests. Lisa from Hey Reflect’O creates locally-made, seriously cool reflective vests that are soft enough for comfort and tough enough for hardcore riding. I now cycle the streets in my bright, reflective ‘raindrops’, feeling safe in the knowledge that I will be seen. I also receive endless comments about my amazing vest.

Hooray for Hey Reflect’O!

Great news for parents—Hey Reflect’O also make a fabulous range of kids’ vests, which my children wear every time they cycle. On-road safety is even more important for my precious bundles, and these bright, reflective, fun vests keep them happy and safe.

I’m passionate about spreading the message of pushbike safety to children. By teaching them that a reflective cycling vest increases their visibility on the road, we can instill cycling safety into our kids from a young age and put them in good stead for a fantastic future of cycling. Kids like to have fun and safety doesn’t have to be boring.

My Pushbike and Hey Reflect’O are running a competition to give kids the chance to design their own reflective cycling vest. The winner of the competition will have their vest made by Hey Reflect’O and added to the range. This means that they will not only receive their vest for free, but also get to see their design cycling our streets!

There will also be a $50 My Pushbike voucher for the winner and the 2 runner-up designs.

Get your kids started on designing their dream vest!

They will enjoy the creative process while being part of a movement to keep our kids safe on the roads. 

Be Bright, Be Seen!
Download and print your vest template here and start designing!
Create as many designs as you like. 
Email your vests to or send via post to
PO Box 623, South Yarra, VIC 3141.  
Entries close Sunday 27th of May. 

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